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Dear supporter,  

We are happy about every contribution and can assure you that every cent will benefit the children and young people in Tanzania.  

Each of our team works non-profit and voluntarily on this foundation. 

As you may know, THE POWER SUPPORTIVE FOUNDATION consists of people from Austria and Africa and was founded with the aim of making a better place out of their own companies in which these people work and with the support of other companies and private individuals from around the world. 

In addition to the Power Foundation, the founders also have other companies of which a certain percentage always flow into the Foundation, so we can ensure that we can always work on new projects. Nevertheless, achieving the goals is only possible together.  

We are happy about every single supporter and want to show with the help of transparency and direct communication that we see our helpers as part of the team. 

We are always happy to receive messages to get to know you a little bit.  


Smile with us and be a part of the team

Austrian donation account:

sanSirro GmbH  

sanSirro Help  

Iban: AT04 3805 6006 0505 9126

or via PayPal:

Tanzanian donation account:

Bank:         CRDB

Swift code: Corutztz

branch code: 3304

Acc name: The Power Supportive Foundation


Account numbers of the different currencies:  


Dollar ($) -           0250603448600


Euro (€) -            1950603448600

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at: available 

Donate to The Power Foundation
Smile with us 
Wo sollen wir deine Spende einsetzen?

Thank you for the donation!

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