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Become a godmother/godfather

Become a GODMOTHER/GODFATHER for children and young people in our orphanage 

Support sustainably and in the long term and give children and young people a home, security and love. 

With the monthly donations, all children and young people in our orphanage are supported.

Furthermore, the money is used to grow and take in even more children and young people.  

We are still at the very beginning but we have great plans and want to take you on a journey that donates more love and happiness than almost anything else.  

How does a sponsorship work?  

  • From 30 € you can become a sponsor of our orphanage.  

  • If you click on the button, you will automatically be redirected to a form where you can enter your personal data and select standing order .  

  • Then, after submitting the form, you will receive all the necessary information from us by email and you can easily place the standing order with your bank or online banking.  

What does this sponsorship include?  

  • As soon as we have a confirmation of the standing order , the journey together begins.  

  • You will get to know all the children in the orphanage and once a month we will tell you how they develop, how they laugh together and grow together.  

  • Twice a year we will send you a mail home together with the children. We want to try you hard  

  • To make them part of the children as well as to make them an integral part of your life.

Are payments also possible once?  

Of course, we are happy about every donation we receive and you can support the orphanage and all other Foundation projects with a one-off payment. To do this, please go to the DONATIONS page in the menu and state the project that you would like to support as the purpose.

If you have any questions, requests or concerns, we always have an open ear for you and thus create the greatest possible transparency that a distance like this allows.  

We assure you that all donations that are received, 100% reach the children and young people in Tanzania and only serve the given purpose.  

Together we can walk this path and we already know that it will be a wonderful path!

We look forward to a journey together with YOU.  


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