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Health Insurance project

We thank numerous individual supporters ...


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How a small contribution already gives 20 children a future. 


Apart from Corona and the increasing number of infections, something very special is happening at the other end of the world. "Of course there is Corona here too and of course we have to be careful here too, but nonetheless we are struggling with completely different diseases in Tanzania. In addition, many cannot afford health insurance and therefore do not receive the basic medical care they would need, ”says Christoph Gillhofer

“With just a few resources, we can help so many people. For example, with just € 1,200, we can now give 20 children with a wide variety of diseases such as cancer, HIV and so on an annual basic medical care, the so-called Insurance Card. ”Circumstances that we can hardly imagine in Austria.  

The Health Insurance project is a project that can be supported continuously, should you also want to donate to this project, you can simply state "Health Insurance" in the purpose.  

Basic medical care per child costs around € 60 per year.



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