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A place to arrive and to feel at home. 

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With the orphanage of THE POWER FOUNDATION we want to create a place for children and young people where they can be exactly what they should be - namely CHILDREN.  

The orphanage not only offers the children a place to feel at home, but also an educational accompaniment that supports them as they grow up and find their own way.  

As with the other Power Foundation projects, the focus is on "helping people to help themselves", which is why we make sure that the children are accompanied by adults who not only have an educational background, but also give the children a lot of love, patience and passion give the most important things to life.  

The children are accompanied and supported 24/7 and enjoy growing up together in a beautiful, child-friendly environment.  

Of course, a project like this can only be realized with the joint help of our supporters.  

At the moment the following support is required:  

around 5,000 euros to open the orphanage and take in a total of between 6 and 10 children  

approx. 1500 monthly costs ( rent, electricity, water, food and care products, employees, clothing, etc.)


sanSirro GmbH 

Offizieller Partner des THE POWER WAISENHAUS

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