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A heart for children.

“We have long felt the need to help children who, unfortunately, are not as lucky as we are growing up. Often, however, you don't know where you can best help, or you don't know whether this help will really get where it is needed most. So it was a very great need for us to know that the support would go straight to children in need. ”Hannes Steiner, CEO of sanSirro GmbH, talks about the start of the sanSirro Help project and would like to encourage other companies to help children and young people in need to support. 

Hannes Steiner and his colleague came to Dar es Salaam in November 2020 to be close to the project and thus set a building block for the establishment of the POWER SUPPORTIVE FOUNDATION.  

Since then, the two of them have been supporting the entire organization and are the contact persons in Austria.


You can find the entire report of the sanSirro Help project here:  Media alert 

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Support your own project now and become part of THE POWER SUPPORTIVE FOUNDATION.

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