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Create your own project

If you particularly like one of our projects, you can always state the desired project as the purpose. We will then be happy to keep you up to date.  

Please note that there are always projects that have been completed and which are ongoing. 

You can always find an update on our homepage.

Whether as a company or an association, if you have a mission or if you like a project on our website so much that you would like to act as the main sponsor, you can contact us at any time.  

We have big missions and vissions, just contact us and let's create great things together.


Have you always dreamed of being there and supporting hand in hand as a team? 

You are welcome to contact us, we are always looking for helping hands and look forward to getting to know you personally by email. 


There are many ways to help.

If you know another way how you can support us, such as creating attention, owning a platform on which we can place ourselves, etc. we would be very happy if you contact us. We are grateful for any help! 

Independent donation

You can donate an amount of your choice at any time and thus become part of the Power Foundation. Even if it's only a small amount, we appreciate any support.


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