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On site in Africa:


Willice  Gillhofer

For me, it's not about helping, it is about humanity about my deep feelings what it means when you get help and support from people even if they don't know you. I got this support and this help in so many ways and finally i can do so as well.


Christoph Gillhofer

For me, the Foundation is a matter of the heart. For years I have had it in my heart to contribute to a better earth. I've been living in Africa for some time now and see a lot of things every day that you don't like to see. That's why I'm incredibly grateful that we  have already implemented some projects and I'm really looking forward to what we will still implement ...

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Walter Surböck

“I just really enjoy sharing and celebrating successes together, growing and thriving together on all levels and supporting each other in the process - preferably where it makes the biggest difference. 

Being part of The Power Foundation gives me the opportunity to live exactly that. "

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Moses Elia Bettershiri

My true happiness is found when I see others are also happy, especially for those who have been through a difficult time. The Power Supportive Foundation fulfills my joy every day in my life, because it helps alot for those who are in need.

In Austria:

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Hannes Steiner

Through the Power Foundation I can give something back and help people who need any support.

I have been supporting various charitable projects for a long time, here I finally have an influence on where my contribution goes and thus have the security that the money will get where it is really needed. 


Susanne Stessl

I believe that there are many people who just want to help very much  often  you just don't know how. For me, the Power Foundation is an opportunity to be there for others.  

Every project is beautiful and unique  and  often we can achieve incredible things with small resources. 

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